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This is us

Why we get up in the morning

Our goals

Circle of Sustainable Europe (CoSE) is a leading NGO connecting and creating environmental sustainability projects throughout Europe. We do this through:

  • Initiating
  • Advocating
  • Empowering

These are our highest priorities when it comes down to creating a more sustainable, entrepreneurial, and resilient community.

Think Global Act Local

Who we are

Meet the Board

After supporting various initiatives, connecting a multitude of stakeholders, and organizing several events we decided to found Circle of Sustainable Europe (CoSE) to build a better future, and make it the force of change that you deserve.

  • Dennis Dorpmans
    Dennis Dorpmans Honourable Member
  • Aleksandr Stommels
    Aleksandr Stommels
  • Ramon Rahangmetan
    Ramon Rahangmetan
  • Determined and serious about key aspects of the process. That’s how this NGO with its young leaders gets things done! Keep it up!

    René Donders Chairman Foundation RAM

Members of out Team

Circle of Sustainable Europe (CoSE) has their own Team Leaders (Quatermasters) who coordinate, advocate and represent our organization in order to accelerate the transition. They make this acceleration towards a better future possible, and in joining them, you can too.