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Amina Oudjit

Content Creator Marketing

Meet Amina, a 25 years old French lady, however, she defines herself as a temporary resident of the world. Perhaps it’s her nomadic and Berber origins that have something unique to do with it. One of her passions in life is to explore the world by traveling. In various ways, with her books, meetings, exchanges, and new projects. But thereby, also carrying a warm heart for visiting various places that emenates an atmosphere of a pure but organic environment.

This marks her commitment to the conservation of our shared natural ecosystem, and the preservation of its organic wealth. Because, so generous, the Earth, offers a treasure of energy to whoever wants to seize it. After various experiences around the world, and the acquisition of ‘know-how’ related to her projects in Marketing in general, preceded by a master’s degree in business school. Amina is delighted to be able to share with you her inspirations, motivations and commitment for the use of broadening the meaning ‘Durable’ Marketing and to provide strategies for public-private partnerships to flourish responsibly in this modern world by utilizing this platform for Circle of Sustainable Europe (CoSE).

Articles authored by Amina Oudjit:

Together for a Sustainable Europe: A Campaign Roadmap – Circle of Sustainable Europe (