Zeina KalthoumContent Creator Sustainable Architecture 

Zeina Kalthoum

Content Creator Sustainable Architecture

Passionate, ambitious, and empathetic architect with a focus on sustainability and renewable energy, Zeina Kalthoum believes that our main purpose as architects is to make a dignified life by finding solutions for urban communitiy problems. Also strengthening society with research and case studies combined with modern-design thinking. Zeina currently works as a Junior Architect for B8 Architecture, a renowned International Award-Winning Architectural & Design Studio. Based in Dubai, Marbella and Madrid.

Knowing the latest trends in local and international design, modern blending, and global aesthetics can make a difference in feeling at home. In her work, she achieves this working together with local expertise that extends to craftsmanship, personal connections, and the sustainable sourcing of local materials. Zeina joined CoSE by the end of 2022 as a Content Creator in Sustainable Architecture.

Articles authored by Zeina Kalthoum:

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