Naomi IzabelaSpokeswoman Youth Diversity

Naomi Izabela

Spokeswoman Youth & Diversity

Naomi Izabela started her human & children right advocacy career as young as the age of 14! She has a great passion for a positive impact on society and therefore we believe that she is an incredible example of what you can achieve already at a young age. She is the president of The Antwerp Youth Council of Belgium and youth ambassadrice of Plan international. Next to that, she is also the new face of the #sheleadshere campaign for the embassy of Canada in Belgium and Luxembourg and the Mission of Canada to the EU.

As she works closely with politicians daily, but also has to represent the voice of the people therefore she has a lot of experience in how to organise an effective campaign. She will be mainly focusing on the strategic side of it and how to turn an idea into a realisation. `