Scarlett KarolevaYouth Lobbyist & COP 27 Representative

Scarlett Karoleva

Youth Lobbyist & COP 28 Representative

Be the change you want to see in the world! That phrase inspired Scarlett to become a youth lobbyist for women’s rights at Plan Netherlands where she set up strategic lobby actions and influenced policies on both a national and European level. During her master’s in Leadership and Change Management Scarlett created her own tv show called:’Politics far away!?’ By educating the young generation about politics on a local level with this show, she enabled to increase in youth participation. Scarlett is convinced that by educating youngsters on social, political, and climate matters, a strong and influential generation will arise.

After obtaining her master’s Scarlett started her career as a press officer in the European Parliament. Here she worked on climate-themed files such as Fitfor55 and NextGenerationEU. With the goal to leave an inclusive and carbon-neutral world behind Scarlett focuses on both a top-down and a bottom-up approach in order to create sustainable change. Her specific passion is incorporating the youth during the legislative process as this is where the real change is realized.