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Lorenca Bejko

Project Coordinator Research

Lorenca Bejko is a Doctor in Diplomacy, she got graduated from Center of  Diplomatic and Strategic studies in Paris last year and currently is serving as a Diplomat,into the rank of First Secretary at the Albanian Embassy in Netherlands. In February 2021, she was a youth representative of France at the 25th Assembly in New York, United Nations headquarters. What distinguishes the work experience and engagement is her internship experiences at the Embassy of Lebanon in Paris and the Albanian Embassy in France.

While she was a Bachelor student for about 6 months, she worked as an author and interviewer for the legal magazine Albanian Law Review. Outside of student life, she has a passion for poetry and literature in general, she is the author of two poetry books. Lorenca constantly write articles in the newspaper “Telegraf”. In December 2015,  was selected for the People of the Year award in the Young Authors category. Her areas of interest include diplomacy, international politics, the European Union integration process, environmental protection and ecology, human rights and leadership. In 2021 she held the position of Vice President at Sorbonne University for Elsa.

Lorenca is a frequent writer for different US journals and Newspaper and her work focus concers Foreign diplomacyu,EU law and Human rights. Lorenca holds two master’s degrees, namely Msc in Criminal Law, University of Tirana and specialized master’s degree at the University of Grenoble in France with a focus on French public law and also by September 2022 will start a Master 2 level, at University of Lorraine in European Law.

Articles authored by Lorenca Bejko:

The Potential of Non-Formal Education in Europe: Opening Doors and Fostering Development. – Circle of Sustainable Europe (cose-eu.org)

Unlocking the Power of Non-Formal Education in the European Union: A Path towards Personal and Societal Growth – Circle of Sustainable Europe (cose-eu.org)