Semra TosuniContent Creator: International and European Law

Semra Tosuni

Content Creator: International and European Law

Being a law student at Jean Moulin University in Lyon France has brought to Semra her interest for human rights and the human condition in the world. After getting her bachelor’s degree in Public Law in France, she wishes to carry out a master’s degree in European law. She studied International law, Humanitarian law, Human rights, and also European policy. Semra is the vice president of Poli’gones, a student organization attached to Lyon University. Semra also volunteers with other organizations such as Amnesty International at Jean Moulin University and the French Red Cross. She has interests in international relations which lead her to participate in Model United Nations. Being involved in CoSE gives her the opportunity to be part of the change and also to share her knowledge by writing articles about different topics in order to raise awareness.

Articles authored by Semra Tosuni:

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