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We aim for a meaningful and sustainable impact on a social, environmental, and economic dimension in communities all over Europe and indirectly beyond.

Overcoming NEETs

Erasmus+ Project Overcoming NEETs Project Reference: 2021-2-BE05-KA153-YOU-000039256 This project was in the form of a joint partnership project of 6 European consortium member organization [...]

Erasmus Plus Peace

Erasmus+ Erasmus Plus Peace Project Reference: 2021-2-LV02-KA153-YOU-000039218 Erasmus plus Peace (EPP) is a training course that was implemented in Saulkrasti, Latvia during the period of 12-20 [...]

(Me)dia as a tool for (You)th Work

Erasmus+ Project: (Me)dia as a tool for (You)th Work Project Reference: 2021-2-PL01-KA153-YOU-000039238 This Erasmus+ project was a joint partnership between 6 European consortium member [...]

Youth Work Ambassadors

Erasmus+ Project: YW Ambassadors Project Reference: 2021-2-BE05-KA153-YOU-000039264 This Erasmus+ project was a joint partnership between 6 European consortium member organizations (Latvia, [...]

Be The Game Changer

Erasmus+ Project: Be The Game Changer Project Reference: 2020-2-BE05-KA105-003000 Youth Exchange “Be the Game Changer” was developed thanks to the active involvement of 8 consortium member [...]

Tools for Social Visibility

Erasmus+ Project: Tools for social visibility Project Reference: 2020-2-BE05-KA105-003014  “Tools for social visibility” took place between 29 August – 7th of September 2021, in [...]

Ocean Benelux Hub

to save our oceans we need to take responsibility together Sustainable Ocean Alliance (SOA) SOA is an organization based in the heart of Silicon Valley in San Francisco led by Daniela V. [...]

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Without meaningful impact on a social, environmental and economic dimension, the term sustainability is merely a word.

Data focussed

We collect, report and share our findings with our partners. Trust, transparancy and tangability are what our organization is focussed on when data has to be gathered from our projects.


We look for long term sustainable solutions with our partners. Throughout the years we learned that loyal partnerships are the ones that can accelerate long term sustainable impact.


We innovate based upon the knowledge, experience and results. Adaptability is crucial for any organization to be relevant in any market place, especially when working with young people.

Our projects are focussed on:

  • Community Engagement

  • Long-term Partnerships

  • Digital Skills

  • Innovative Technology

  • Leadership Development

We believe that these areas are making communities and individuals more resilient, innovative, and interconnected.

All our projects, masterclasses, and training have Team Coordinated Leaders who organize, educate, and facilitate certain specific projects relevant to their field of experience.



Aäron Fabrice de Kisangani

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