Erasmus+ Project: YW Ambassadors

Project Reference: 2021-2-BE05-KA153-YOU-000039264

This Erasmus+ project was a joint partnership between 6 European consortium member organizations (Latvia, Belgium, Spain, Portugal, Lithuania, and Italy), with the main goal to promote volunteering work (Youth Work Ambassadors). The implementation of the project was planned between 14-22 March 2022.

YW Ambassadors as in ‘Voluntary service’ offer staggering chances for youngsters to get more expertise in their day-to-day life, and, in this process, they explore numerous new soft skills being with different cultures. However, all the skills acquired by volunteering are not being able to get proper recognition. Skill advancement through volunteering is beneficial for enhancing employment rates, and it can add to the personal development of volunteers, but unluckily, this opportunity is hardly used.



NGOs can win support and extra achievements, which would not be permissible without the volunteers’ dedication and commitment. By volunteering, regional populations acquire advantages in many ways associated with the exercises performed by the volunteers. In this project, NGOs from the EU established an initiative to answer how to make voluntary work more productive on the national and European levels. Concrete examples of volunteering do not relinquish a larger audience because the perceptibility patterns are a restricted and precise picture presented only in front of very few people, even if they are willingly committed to civil society initiatives.

The ultimate preferences of the Erasmus+ Programme in the sector of youth are immediately directed by “YW Ambassadors”:

  • To develop the capabilities of youth workers.
  • To encourage quality advances in youth work.
  • To reinforce the international aspects of youth activities.
  • To develop more confidence in volunteering for youngsters.

This partnership is primarily focused on highlighting the significance of volunteering as a productive pathway for abilities, progress, and profession. It should be declared that encountering a change in our societies’ political process is superintended to increase democratic participation based on social accountability and active citizenship. Despite this, there is a requirement of positive examples of passionate partnership and committed and devoted individuals.

There is bare minimum assistance of youth from deprived or lower socio-economic backgrounds in the EU volunteer’s community. Unfortunately, most of the time, highly educated individuals are done voluntary work or a robust economic background. Volunteering can be a “card” for future contracting and growing expertise in this work’s imperious field. Intercultural and interreligious dialogue, fostering the advancement of heterogeneity, compassion, advantages of freedom, and respect for human rights, are the crucial characteristics of volunteering organizations to address socially excluded young people’s insecurities.

The salient objectives of “YW Ambassadors” training course are:

  • To imagine the project partners’ approaches for volunteering in their work context.
  • To promote personal and organizational capabilities in outlining, producing, mentoring, and assessing regional, national, and worldwide volunteering designs.
  • To generate an organizational clarification for the incorporation of youth in volunteering schemes.
  • To strengthen the organizational calendar and strategy for the diversely necessitated progress in volunteering schemes.
  • To activate youngsters in crisis situation being able to know the value of volunteering when necessary in their communities.

Partner organizations involved in this project:

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