AI4SDGs Webinar Series

AI4SDGs Webinar Series is a recurring online event organized in partnership with the United Nations at a minimum of 4 times a year that aims to recognize AI changemakers, thinkers, and enthusiasts who contribute to achieving one or more United Nations’s Sustainable Development Goals[1] with their AI solution for the younger generations. In our 3rd episode on Friday, December 10th we celebrate United Nations World Human Rights Day. In each episode, we invite a total of eight/ten experts divided into 2 groups; first group for 80 minutes storytelling in order to inspire, educate, and entertain in supporting the SDG’s and the second group from various relevant, high-level and professional organizations for a 40-60 minute panel discussion about the topic of AI and Sustainable Development discussed from multiple perspectives.

Date: Friday December 10th

Time: 7:00 PM – 9:30 PM CET

Duration: 2,5 hours (Storytelling 1,5 hours + additional panel session 1 hour)

Each Storyteller: 10-15 mins

Location: Online

Registration link: here

Co-organisers: Circle of Sustainable Europe (CoSE)  & AI Governance International 

Target audience: Students, tech entrepreneurs, international organisations, governmental institutions, lawyers focussd on tech and SDG’s, companies interested in sustainable solutions with AI, enthusiasts and others.

Official established long-term collaborations

UNDPUnited Nations Development Program

UNEPUnited Nations Environmental Program

ATTAlien Technology Transfer

AI4SDGs Webinar Series 3

AI4SDGs Webinar Series Episode 3


AI4SDGs Poster Episode 2

AI4SDGs Webinar Series Episode 2 (March 3rd 2021)



Arianna Tibuzzi

Arianna Tibuzzi is the President of Alien Technology Transfer

Arianna Tibuzzi is the President of Alien Technology Transfer, where she has contributed since the start of the operations in 2014 to consult more than 700 top-quality high-tech startups and small companies in the EU and USA in product and business development and public grant and private equity fund-raising.

PhD in Electronics Engineering from the University of Trento (Italy), she was a visiting researcher at the University of California Berkeley, and a Fulbright scholar within the “Technology Entrepreneurship” programme at Santa Clara University. After more than 10 years in public research, Arianna disrupted her scientific career in 2010 by turning into a technology transfer and innovation specialist. Long-time Independent Expert Evaluator in R&D calls for the European Commission and EU member states.

Leveraging AI Towards Digitally Inclusive Technology in the Healthcare Sector

Seline van der Wat

Seline van der Wat – COO at hearX Group

Seline van der Wat is the COO at the hearX Group, a partner-centric mHealth innovation development company with a footprint in over 86 countries. She is a qualified Industrial Engineer specialising in the design and implementation of holistic systems and sustainable business development practices in a range of industries. At hearX, Seline heads up national and international operations, strategy and disruptive business development within the mHealth space.

The role of African NLP in achieving the Sustainable Development Goals

Aishatu is peace technologist working on digital solutions for sustainable peace in fragile contexts. She has worked with local civil society organisations in conflict-affected countries such as Benin, Niger, Burkina Faso and Yemen. She created an AI-Idea to prevent violent conflict with African language technology as a member of the leading with Artificial intelligence lab implemented by the International Training centre of the ILO and the GIZ Global Leadership Academy.

Aishatu Gwadabe – Peace technologist

Aishatu is peace technologist working on digital solutions for sustainable peace in fragile contexts. She has worked with local civil society organisations in conflict-affected countries such as Benin, Niger, Burkina Faso and Yemen. She created an AI-Idea to prevent violent conflict with  African language technology as a member of the leading with Artificial intelligence lab implemented by the International Training centre of the ILO and the GIZ Global Leadership Academy.

Reducing Inequalities with Data ethics and Sustainability


Sundar Narayanan – Ethics & Compliance professional, Researcher

Sundar Narayanan is an Ethics and Compliance professional with more than 14 yrs of experience in advising companies on ethics. He has passionate about ethics and has had an opportunity to speak in Wharton School on Anti-corruption. He has published over 50+ articles on ethics and compliance and has hosted over 40 + podcast on related topics with professionals from over 15 geographies. He has written research papers on Data Ethics and Sustainability and on Challenges in fighting hate speech in social media.

AI for Wildlife

Dr. Victor Anton, Founder of

Victor has +10 years of experience in conservation biology, wildlife monitoring and ecological modelling. He discovered the strengths and limitations of machine learning while working with camera traps during his PhD at Victoria University of Wellington, New Zealand. Since then, he has worked with local communities, governments and research institutions around the world to translate big data into effective on-the-ground wildlife conservation.

Talent Sourcing Middle East


Marc Banoub – Founder at Lyra

Marc Banoub is the Founder of Lyra, the leading builder of AI, Data engineers & scientists in Egypt. Lyra trains, vets & places AI talent from the Middle East & Africa (MEA) to global tech companies. His mission is to help get people out of unemployment from MEA by enabling world class AI, Data engineers & scientists to solve the world’s biggest challenges.

AI and Sustainable Development

Fracesca Mazzi

Francesca Mazzi – Postdoctoral Research Fellow in AI and Sustainable Development

Francesca Mazzi is a postdoctoral research fellow in AI and Sustainable Development at Saïd Business School, University of Oxford, and a research associate at the Digital Ethics Lab of the Oxford Internet Institute, University of Oxford.

She is part of the Oxford Initiative on AI×SDGs, aimed at investigating how artificial intelligence (AI) has been and can in the future be used to support and advance the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). In her research, Francesca analyses existing AIxSDGs projects to map best practices, lessons learned, eventual gaps and potential solutions for the purpose of helping existing and future, public and private stakeholders operating within the sustainable development space.

From 2017 to 2020 she was a Marie Sklodowska-Curie Early Stage Researcher within the EIPIN- Innovation Society in a double doctorate program between Queen Mary University of London and Maastricht University, with a Ph.D. research project on “the patentability of AI generated inventions: a case study of pharma”.

Francesca obtained the CIPP/E (Certified Information Privacy Professional/Europe) Certification from the International Association of Privacy Professionals in April 2018. She holds a LL.M. in computer and communication law from Queen Mary University of London, and a master’s degree in law from Luiss Guido Carli University. She is a qualified lawyer in Italy.

Daniela Tulone

Daniela Tulone, Ph.D. – Founder and President ecoSurge

Daniela is a digital innovator and entrepreneur whose work blends digital and business innovation to design innovative solutions for sustainability challenges.

Daniela has +20 years experience developed in Europe and USA working as Computer Scientist in research centers such as at MIT and Bell-Labs, corporates, startups, and at the European Commission as Scientific Officer. She received several international recognitions for her innovative work, such as her pioneering work on AI techniques applied to low-power sensors, her automatic real-time monitoring system for water management and electric grids, and secure large-scale real-time systems.

Daniela recently founded ecoSurge, a global initiative focused on the co-creation of innovative digital solutions to address UN Sustainable Goals (SDGs) through circular economy based models, and active cooperation across SMEs, academia and institutions.

She holds a Ph.D. in Computer Science from MIT and University of Pisa, M.S. in Computer Science from New York University, M.S. in Mathematics from University of Catania, and an Executive MBA from Quantic School of Business and Technology with focus on Strategy and Innovation.

Shivam Gupta

Dr. Shivam Gupta – Researcher at Bonn Alliance for Sustainability Research

I hold a Ph.D. in Geoinformatics on the topic related to Open smart cities and air pollution modeling. For the last ten years, my research focus has been on Geohealth and Geomedicine services, One Health, Urban analytics, citizen science, AI applications for sustainable and improved quality of life. I have worked in industry and academia on diverse projects concerning the development of data-driven tools and services for urban health and wellbeing. I am currently investigating how digitalization and Artificial Intelligence (D&AI) contribute to the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) at the indicator level to enable a more coherent action plan for a sustainable and healthy future.

Eller Everet

Eller Everett is the cofounder of BothOfUs Limited

Eller Everett is the cofounder of BothOfUs Limited, a social impact startup that works towards positive social and environmental change. They use technology, design and illustration to accelerate the Sustainable Development Goals and scale social impact. She also advises businesses on creating impact, innovation and sustainability through the tools of circular economy, the doughnut economy and permaculture.

Eller has worked on social and environmental projects worldwide for over 7 years and has studied a postgraduate certificate in innovation, enterprise and circular economy.


AI4SDGs Webinar Series EP 1AI4SDGs Webinar Series Episode 1 (December 17th 2021)

Want to collaborate with us?

We have determined three types of collaboration opportunities with interested organisations on the short term and/or long term:

  1. Speak (either only personal representation or organisational with logo)
  • Participation in Storytelling session
  • Participation in additional session Panel discussion
  1. Support (using logo) – applicable to non-profit organisations and academia
  • Support us in spreading the word about the event – social media posts & marketing
  • Connect us to your communities for further collaboration possibilities to multiply the effects of the event series in the future
  1. Sponsor (using logo)
  • In kind (open to suggestions, need-based)
  • Financial for each episode as technical budget

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