Together for a Sustainable Europe: A Campaign Roadmap

Written by Amina Oudjit

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The Environment in Which Current Generations Operate

Current generations are evolving in a rapidly changing environment. The numerous challenges, including climate, health and wellness, personal growth, employment, culture, social, societal, economic, and ecological issues, are critical for the future and development of the youth, which most of the time is forgotton in the conversation. These challenges, significantly supported by European organizations and their various programs, aim to prioritize and make positive changes in these areas. What better way to approach this than by involving those directly impacted by a sustainable future: the youth themselves.

Indeed, young people are at the heart of creating a sustainable future. Therefore, their involvement is a real driver in sustainable development. As Jakob Forssmed, the Swedish Minister of Social Affairs and Public Health, reminds us, “We must ensure that the next generation plays a genuine role at all levels in the shaping of policies related to sustainability.”

Today, the commitment of the new generation is increasingly mobilized. Europe’s youth are gradually becoming more socially engaged into European programmes. Faced with the significant challenges of our time and the difficulties they experience firsthand, many of them are already active. However, a large portion, although concerned about their environment’s development, has not yet been sensitized to these issues due to reasons such as access to information and education, lack of resources, social disparities, isolation, and lack of social inclusion.

Reflections on Actions to be Taken Regarding the Target Audience

Considering these different positions, the encouragement does not go to waste but can even grow. So, how can we make information accessible to everyone? How can we mobilize collectively? How can we make education on these societal subjects, which are of prime concern to them, more accessible?

Starting from this premise, we can observe a clear trend regarding information dissemination and communication to the youth. Most messages intended for a young audience require tailoring to the medium they are delivered on. Adapting to the current digital and media transformation is one of our tools. These media channels offer a direct, comprehensive, and simplified approach to young audiences.

Moreover, gathering and mobilizing can only happen through the message itself and the interest each person finds in joining a cause. Every issue addressed by every campaign that supports participation in societal development should carry a message that directly addresses the challenges of current and future generations. Clearly and sincerely, to engage as many as possible around the same goal, serving their concerns such as social inclusion, education system, employment, quality of life, equal opportunities, climate, etc.

Suggested Actions to Promote Committed European Inclusion

Here, we propose ways to promote inclusion around sustainable challenges for young generations. These suggestions combine marketing and media methods:

  1. Primarily targeting a young audience.
  2. Aiming to raise awareness and engagement.
  3. Utilizing various channels and circuits to convey a unified message about societal development.

Strategies for Youth Engagement: A Diverse Blueprint

  • Customized Outreach: Craft messages that resonate with young audiences. Harness digital platforms they’re engaged with, ensuring content is both engaging and relevant.
  • Collaborative Endeavors: Roll out initiatives in tandem with figures the youth admire, like sports stars or digital influencers. This could involve interactive webinars, community events, or trending online challenges that underscore inclusivity and sustainability.
  • Learning Platforms: Incorporate educational elements in academic institutions focusing on societal growth, European unity, and sustainable aspirations. Craft online platforms offering modular courses on these pivotal subjects.
  • Engaging Digital Platforms: Design interactive digital spaces where the youth can articulate their thoughts, propose novel solutions, and work on community-centric initiatives. Make this experience engaging and rewarding.
  • Hyper-local Events: Launch events at the community level – think seminars, interactive sessions, and think-tanks. Address immediate challenges while aligning with a grand European vision.
  • Content Initiatives: Create compelling content forms – be it videos, articles, or podcasts that delve into societal nuances and actionable solutions. Propagate these via youth-centric platforms, from TikTok to podcasts.
  • Alliances & Collaborations: Team up with youth-favored brands. Think along the lines of collaborative campaigns, experiential events, or products that elevate awareness about societal issues.

As all European initiatives, institutions, academies etc. need to take into consideration the importance of effective communication in terms of the cause and effect related to European policies, rules and regulations. By harmonizing these strategies, our aspiration is to diminish the distance between European entities and its youth, crafting a future that’s not just sustainable but also inclusively designed by those who’ll live it.

Meet Amina, a 25 years old French lady, however, she defines herself as a temporary resident of the world. Perhaps it’s her nomadic and Berber origins that have something unique to do with it. One of her passions in life is to explore the world by traveling. In various ways, with her books, meetings, exchanges, and new projects. But thereby, also carrying a warm heart for visiting various places that emenates an atmosphere of a pure but organic environment. This marks her commitment to the conservation of our shared natural ecosystem, and the preservation of its organic wealth. 

This passion is also a real inspiration for her, which is expressed through her creative sense: As with the creation of content and the animation of marketing projects.
In her collaborations, she engages with innovative and responsible project leaders. As a consultant, she puts people and their development at the heart of her aspirations.
She collaborates in an agile way, seizing the opportunities offered by social media and its new ways of creating connections and union.

It is with great enthusiasm that she joins the CoSE team. With care to draw on all its resources and its authenticity to propose areas of reflection and act with heart in a process which inspires positive transformation for our environment and for humans.



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