A New Horizon for Sustainability in Europe

Written by Aleksandr Stommels

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The Opening of #SustainableHub

In the heart of Europe, something new and exciting is emerging: #SustainableHub, a hotbed of innovation and sustainability. In this modern center, leaders in the field of sustainability converge. This includes companies, non-profit organizations, think tanks, and other organizations that all share a common goal: to elevate the sustainability agenda within the EU to a new level.

At #SustainableHub, it’s not just a workspace that is shared, but also inspiration, knowledge, and connections. This is the place where clean technology companies, as well as academic heavyweights and influential think tanks, come together to collaborate. It’s a unique setting that encourages cooperation, where participants complement and strengthen each other. What’s special about #SustainableHub is that it’s seen as the ‘Permanent Representation for Sustainability at the EU‘. A wonderful addition to the Brussels EU landscape, ensuring that sustainability interests are even better represented.

The opening of #SustainableHub, together with Barbara Trachte, Minister of Climate Change and Environment for the Brussels-Capital Region, Pascal Canfin, Member of the European Parliament and Chair of the ENVI Committee, and Willem Vriesendorp, initiator of #SustainableHub, was an unmissable event. It was a gathering where enthusiasm and optimism for the future went hand in hand, and where people who passionately believe in a greener future met and shared their vision.

Grand Opening #SustainableHub

For the young entrepreneurs and sustainability enthusiasts in Europe, #SustainableHub is a shining example of how collaboration can lead to real change. This is a place where the future of our environment is being shaped, and everyone who wants to contribute to a greener and more sustainable EU is welcome. Perhaps #SustainableHub will be the springboard for your sustainable ideas and initiatives.

In order to make sure rules, regulations in terms of policies are being followed in an everchanging society together with companies, citizens, institutions etc., It’s even more important to know about these frameworks as well. CoSE, being active as an International Non-Profit Organization (IVZW) and accredited lobby in the European Parliament, the heart of European decision-making, are excited to see this ‘centre of sustainable excellence’ grow even beyond the borders of Belgium.

Therefore, we are happy to be part of this expanding and increasing community focussed on these issues, and hope to collaborate through European projects, for example, with our current DREAMLAND Erasmus+KA3 project, which is all about political literacy and non-formal learning for youth. But also in terms of coming projects regarding networking and innovation, therefore, also disseminate using the best practises in some of our events/trainings right were it all happens.


Pascal Canfin, MEP and chair of the ENVI Committee, expressed his support: “I’m happy #SustainableHub opened its doors in Brussels: we welcome that progressive businesses now have a physical space where they can work together. We need to hear more of the voices of companies that want to accelerate the climate transition in Europe.”

Barbara Trachte, Minister of climate change and environment for the Brussels Region, commented on the significance of this initiative: “Brussels has traditionally been one of the world’s leading lobbying strongholds but today, increasingly, Brussels is becoming the capital of the transition. It’s logical and desirable that the many NGOs and associations present in Brussels, that put people and the planet first, are getting more organized and visible. I’m delighted that the Permanent Representation of Sustainability, #SustainableHub, is opening its doors today and I’m glad that the Brussels Capital Region has been able to help it rise and shine.”

Willem Vriesendorp had the honor of doing both the opening and the closing of the event, marking the start of a new chapter in the journey towards sustainability.

Enthusiastic, social entrepreneurial spirit, sustainable global matchmaker, youth counselor, certified supervisor, space mentor and accredited European lobbyist, results-oriented that is achieved by quickly switching and achieving the maximum result. By using knowledge and influence in combination with persuasive power, taking into account the objectives of the stakeholders. Creative, not 9 to 5 mentality, “Spider in the Web”, open attitude, honest, friendly with sense of humor. Enjoy the challenge and continually strive for personal improvement. As legal representative and international project coordinator, I carry the responsibility of planning, organizing, implementing and running (KA1, KA2 & KA3) Erasmus+ projects, throughout and involving multiple member states of Europe.


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