Tomas FriedhoffExternal Consultant & COP 27 Representative

Tomas Friedhoff

External Consultant & COP 27 Representative

His peers often describe him as creative, energetic, flexible (there is no such thing as I can’t), and passionate about sustainability as a sustainable mobility expert. Whether this is on a fixed contract, freelance assignment or a job for a local, regional or federal government or for Large Corporates, start-ups, scale-ups or sustainability hubs. Tomas always brings both an outside view, fresh thinking, creative new “cross-sectoral” solutions and/or policy idea’s. Everything he does, he does fully believing in its potential.

Tomas is also passionate about involving all generations in tackling climate change, especially younger generations who don’t have a full say yet, since we all share this planet and it’s important we all jointly work on it to preserve it. Therefore, he is a firm believer in the power of sustainable entrepreneurship, advocacy, equity & equality and often uses electric cars & sustainable innovations to tackle climate change & a future we all want to work on!”