Aäron Fabrice de KisanganiCitizen Scientist

Aäron Fabrice de Kisangani

Citizen Scientist

Aäron is a man from the field, a citizen scientist, beachcomber and beach guide. For over 15 years he is confronted by all kinds of world problems, mainly climate change and plastic pollution. Which have a big impact on our ocean health. By telling stories about these topics, his discoveries, findings, and actions he tries to educate, inspire and motivate you, citizens and politicians to become change-makers in a good way, and to make our world a better place for everyone. Aäron who works for the Flemish environmental agency is also a citizen scientist and volunteer of the Royal Belgian Institute of Natural Sciences where he is doing research on marine litter and alien species on transatlantic objects. He is also active in cleanup organizations and has good connections across the globe.

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